Day 1 – Drums BEGIN with producer Cameron Webb.  Cameron produced the albums MFZB, Broadcast and Phoenix.  So we are right at home with him in the studio.  Ed is ready to kick some A$$.

Cameron in the thought process

Ed strikes a pose.


Ali, Marc and Matty.  Sofa surfing while Ed tracks drums.

Matty starts some of his guitar tracks.

We will keep posting pictures each week. Check back next week for more.  Last thing for the week?  A bear?

But WHY?



Zebrahead will be releasing a new album in July/August of 2013!! Spread the word….tell your friends…tell people who aren’t your friends…HELLS YEAH!!

We start recording in a a few weeks and Video Updates soon to follow. Keep checking back often now….things will start popping up all over the place.

Looking Dumb Again?

To celebrate feeling like Christmas and Bobble Hats….check out the link …for us dressed as Fat Santas playing a Christmas song. Yeah it was fun and Hot as Hell. Did we look dumb? YES. Would I do it again? YEAH!

This isn’t really studio news…but Hell I wanted this thing at the top of the page. I will post more pictures this week of us working on new songs.

Australia….Home…Writing New Record …and Merch!

Hey Guys and Gals. Thanks to all in Austrlia for all the support and making the tour there absolutely amazing. Shows were great, people were great and other bands on tour were great. We seriously couldn’t have asked for anything else. Big thanks to Reel Big Fish, AJ and Soundwave!

We are now back home finishing up some more songs for the next record. Hope to get into the studio soon!! Would be great to have a new album out by next summer? We are trying….and trying and trying…

In other news…for your christmas shopping adventures…visit the webstore now and check out the new stickers and Bobble Hat Beanies. Both are pretty cool and are here just in time for Christmas….or whatever. Just go check em out.

Check out the really cool picture below showing us flying home from Sydney, Australia and the new merch items. The photo from the plane was taken by Ali and if you look really close you can see the Opera House. Cool Shot!

Once again thanks for spreading the word guys and for all the support over the years. We LOVE you all!

Ben from zebrahead